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SMART Recovery in Alabama
guy thinking about his drug and alcohol recovery

SMART recovery, or Self Management and Recovery Training, is a recovery system based on change and behavioral therapy. This is a system that works with a recovering addict to motivate them from within. The purpose of SMART recovery is to ensure that individuals in treatment are reminded that this is their choice, and that recovering is what they want. Sometimes inpatient treatment can force individuals to feel powerless and as if change is occurring around them. Similarly, programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotic Anonymous can challenge an individual to admit they are powerless to their disease and to give up their fight against it, accepting the help of a higher power. This is not the objective of SMART recovery in Alabama. This form of treatment requires those in recovery to play an active role in the entire process, and take responsibility for their actions, both good and bad.

The Four Points of SMART Recovery

SMART recovery in Alabama revolves around four major points: building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors, and finally, living a balanced life.

  • Building and maintaining motivation teaches an addict a new way of thinking, while internalizing their behaviors and moving forward with their treatment through personal motivation. With a positive outlook on life, an individual in treatment will be able to put more effort into recovery and will be less inclined to fall back into behaviors of abuse.
  • Coping with urges is something that can take time. An individual must first recognize initial urges and work through them before they will know what they are up against. This can be a terrifying process, but it will empower an addict to fully understand themselves physically and mentally, and will prepare them to take on future cravings that may surface.
  • Managing thoughts, feelings and behaviors can be a new process for a recovering addict, who may have previously turned towards drug abuse in the past in order to mask their feelings. Getting in touch with one’s internal voice again is a necessary part of recovery.
  • Living a balanced life is a part of the final step in recovery, and the understanding that nothing in one’s life should be all consuming. SMART recovery will discourage individuals from throwing all of their energy into something new, whether this is a restorative activity or a 12 step program. Instead, a person must have more than one passion, as this offers more balance and tranquility in their overall outlook on life.

SMART Recovery Candidates

Smart recovery is a great treatment program in Alabama for those who might be self-motivated or who desire to have an action-oriented plan when it comes to their own treatment. The ability to choose one’s own behavior-based therapies and portions of treatment will make an individual feel as though they are playing an active role in their recovery. While some people rather have guidance from a treatment facility or a 12 step program, others may want to be involved in the process, decisions, and treatment options.

The Benefits of SMART Recovery

The most important aspect of any treatment program is that it be designed to fit the patient’s needs, and that it will work in the short term as well as the long term. SMART recovery can be useful in addiction treatment because it allows an addict to be involved in planning their recovery process, and action-oriented goals can be set together with an addict and professionals in Alabama. Working together can give a recovering addict ownership over their addiction, and in turn will make them feel accountable to stay sober and avoid relapse. If an individual chooses SMART recovery for treatment, they will be able to set the pace and learn about themselves along the way, making recovery stronger and more worthwhile.

If you or someone you know needs access to SMART Recovery in Alabama, it is important to contact a registered facility as soon as possible.