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Medical Detox in Alabama
hospital being used as a alcohol treatment facility

Medical detox is often the safest way for an addict to physically wean themselves off of drugs or alcohol. The first step in addiction rehab is typically detox. This can be a terrifying thought for most addicts, since withdrawal symptoms can be extremely severe. Fortunately, addicts in Alabama do not need to go through medical detox alone. It is recommended that the detox process takes place in a medically supervised environment in order to help with symptom management and to ensure that the patient stays the course through all withdrawal symptoms. Only when an individual is physically weaned off of drugs or alcohol completely, can real treatment begin.

Medical Detox Facilities

There are various forms of detox facilities. Many are in conjunction with inpatient treatment centers and are the first step in long term recovery. Other detox centers focus on the one job at hand; physically weaning individuals off of their drug of choice. These types of centers are common when it comes to heroin addiction. The withdrawal symptoms can make many addicts feel sick to the point that they cannot get through detox on their own. Detox centers can incorporate the use of other medications to ease the individual through the process and make them as comfortable as possible. It is important to already have a treatment plan arranged for after medical detox in Alabama, so that addiction therapy and treatment can continue on with the next steps.

Withdrawal Symptoms and Detox

Some forms of detox can occur rapidly, but other drugs need to be weaned off slowly. It can be difficult for addicts to understand the science behind tolerance levels and dependency. Depending on the drug of choice or level of alcoholism, it can be incredibly dangerous for an addict to attempt detoxing on their own. Here are a few examples of withdrawal symptoms and detox needs of those in Alabama.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may include tremors, hallucinations, and night sweats. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that of adults 18 years of age and over, over 50% of those surveyed stated that they are regular drinkers. This shows how common drinking is in our culture, and that those with alcohol addictions can usually hide in plain sight. Alcohol addiction rapidly increases an individual’s tolerance, and overtime will make detox even more difficult to get through. It is not recommended that alcoholics go ‘cold turkey’ or attempt to detox on their own. This should be done in a supervised environment where an individual can be weaned off slowly and monitored throughout the process.

Individuals undergoing meth withdrawal may experience symptoms for a long period of time, and can be hard to overcome on one’s own. Meth addicts will become extremely lethargic while coming down off this drug, and complete bed rest might be necessary. A medical detox facility is a suitable location for this to occur so that meth addicts can get through withdrawal symptoms in a relaxing state with the help of professionals.

Detox Combined With Treatment

While detox is the first step to sobriety, it is not always sustainable on its own. While many addicts might feel great after completing detox, this is only the physical component of rehabilitation. The chances of long term sobriety are higher if a patient receives the benefits of both detox and treatment immediately after in Alabama. This can occur in the same treatment facility, or contacts can be recommended from detox centers in order for recovering addicts to continue on with treatment. Without the education and building blocks that are offered in an inpatient treatment setting, an addict will be much more likely to relapse and not have the emotional strength to stay sober in the long run. Going through each stage of treatment will better equip an individual for a lifetime of sobriety.

If you are struggling with an addiction and would like to get help, reach out to a substance abuse facility in Alabama today and find out if medical detox is right for you.