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Partial Hospitalization in Alabama
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Partial hospitalization straddles the line between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. This type of treatment offers the benefits of an intense inpatient facility, while allowing people the freedom to continue to receive support from their family. An individual can tend to the responsibilities that they would have had to give up if they were in a 24 hour inpatient care facility.

Partial hospitalization in Alabama can offer many of the treatments that inpatient centers provide. By treating several recovering addicts in the same space, group and support meetings can be helpful for these individuals to understand that they are not alone. In this space, individuals will realize that they can help others in Alabama. Ongoing therapy treatments are available in partial hospitalization facilities. Since people in this form of recovery are not supervised when they leave the facility, coping mechanisms and tools for living in the world while recovering must be offered.

Good Candidates for Partial Hospitalization

Depending on the level of addiction, treatment in an inpatient facility may be necessary. Interventionists, caseworkers, and treatment facilities can help an individual determine the best type of care for their distinct situation. If an individual is able to recover without detox or having to make drastic changes in their lifestyle, partial hospitalization might be the right fit.

The level of time that is required in partial hospitalization care depends on the program as well as on the individual needs of the patient. These programs are often effective for those who would like to return home to their families at the end of the day after attending treatment. This can add a layer of dual support to help double the efforts of recovery in Alabama. If an individual seeking treatment does not have a strong support system or if the people in their life are encouraging them to receive treatment, an inpatient program will most likely be a better fit.  This will remove an individual from any situations that might trigger relapse.

Partial Hospitalization Expectations and Goals

There are different types of partial hospitalization. Some require an individual to report to a treatment facility five days a week, similar to a job. Others can work around an individual’s schedule if they have a family or a job. The expectations can vary, but the one consistent feature is that a recovering addict will be held accountable while receiving treatment and will have a structured, rigorous care program in place.

The great part about partial hospitalization, is that patients can learn recovery techniques and employ them in the world while they are in treatment. If individuals have cravings or a potential for relapse, care is readily available to support the needs of recovering addicts. This provides a balance so that everything will not be completely new to an individual once they complete the program and depart from the facility in Alabama. These recovering addicts are able to practice these skills in the world throughout their partial hospitalization, and will be ready to move on to the next steps in long term treatment.

Partial Hospitalization Aftercare

Partial hospitalization in Alabama is an effective way to prepare rehabilitated addicts for life-long sobriety. This form of treatment can easily be transitioned into outpatient care and other forms of counseling. It is important for an individual to have the support of their family around them during partial hospitalization, and this should be carried on throughout long term care. Family therapy might be suggested in partial hospitalization, and this can continue with weekly or monthly therapy sessions depending on what works for the recovering addict and their immediate family. Having the support system of a treatment center and friends and family will motivate an addict in recovery to continue their long term treatment and have less of a chance of relapse in the future.

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and a partial hospitalization program seems like the right fit for you, reach out to a substance abuse facility in Alabama and start your journey to recovery today.